The Illustrations

What could be more special than receiving a personalised illustration of your most important day?

I feel so lucky and privileged when clients send me their favourite wedding photograph, giving me a tiny glimpse into their wedding day, entrusting me to reproduce this one specific special moment in a beautiful and unique way. Creating illustrations with the use of pencils, allows me to capture the bride and groom’s characteristics in a clean, crisp way on paper without losing the sentiment behind each and every photograph.

How perfect would a wedding illustration be for a grandparent celebrating their diamond or gold wedding anniversary, bringing back special memories of a bygone era? Or even a wedding gift for your best friend? Or perhaps you want to surprise your wife on your first wedding anniversary – after all it is Paper!

Whatever the reason or occasion a personalised wedding illustration portrait is a very special and thoughtful gift that is sure to be loved by the recipient and treasured forever.


What about a Gift Voucher? A Wedding Picture gift voucher is ideal for those who don’t have access to a good wedding photograph or would rather leave it to the recipient to choose their own favourite photograph.

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