About Me

DSC_0803As long as I can remember I have always loved to doodle, ever since I received my first 8 pack of Crayola Crayons I would doodle all day and night on paper, magazines, floors, walls…..Now 30 odd years later I’ve restricted my doodling to paper but I’m still crazy about it!

Given my obvious love of drawing, it’s no surprise that my life took a creative path, from being a graphic designer, creating brand identities, comic illustrations, photography, product design to designing shoes. But the idea for Wedding Picture came completely out of the blue…….

It was fast approaching my mother’s and step-father’s wedding anniversary and I wanted to give them something extra special. What could possibly be more special than a bespoke illustration of the two of them on their wedding day? So I pulled out my pencils and began to draw. It was only after I had my drawing framed that I thought who wouldn’t love this?!

Well my mother and step-father absolutely loved their gift and were so over whelmed by the thought behind it that I knew I had something special in “Wedding Picture”. My hope is that you will think so too. So please take a look around my website and don’t be afraid to go to the order page! smiley


 Natalie Orchard